martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!!

Although the day is ending...Enjoy the night if you can, my friends.

Welcome to my blog

I´ve been waiting a lot for this personal creation and right now when the first step has already been taken I don´t know what to write or what to say to you, my readers.

I don´t wanna be pretentious, but, to be frank, I would state on this blog as many objectives as my mind could grasp. However, this is real life and the internet has its limits. That´s why I will focus on the specific aims that I´d like to reach with this blog.

Firstly, I wanna share my humble knowledge and my short teaching experience with my colleagues, not only with teachers of English, but also with teachers of different subjects.
Secondly, I wanna keep in touch with my students by using this blog. They will find here follow-up activities, extra support, classroom exercises and sociocultural materials.
Thirdly, I wanna meet people who love English, languages and diverse cultures.
And finally, I wanna express myself and exploit my creativity by means of words.

Therefore, this brand-new blog is aimed at teachers of languages , education and educational workers, students of English -no matter your age-, people who are very keen on languages and last but not least, people who adore arts.

To conclude, I have the contents of this adventure left. As I said before, you´ll find different kinds of English activities here. I´ll try to gather Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking exercises from different levels. I´ll also collect relevant texts, articles and news that I consider useful for practice. Besides, cultural and poetic matters are going to be present.

All your support and all your collaboration is necessary. Please, write and enjoy.

Everybody is more than welcome!

Fatima N. Delgado